Joanna Crawford, Professional Couselor Associate,  (she/her)
Associate Mental Health Therapist

Joanna is a Registered Associate pursuing her LPC License. Joanna graduated in 2015 from the George Fox University Graduate Program with a degree in School Counseling. Before that, Joanna had seven years of experience supporting families and children in crisis. Since then, Joanna has been a trainer for the state of Oregon and an adult educator for a community college. Joanna has taught counseling theory, case management, child development, parenting strategies, and trauma-informed practices. Joanna has over 15 years of experience in mental health and family support and is passionate about working with women's issues. Joanna is supervised by Kate Aronoff, LPC. 

Joanna believes the client is the expert in their life and experience. Joanna sees her role as a registered associate as helping her clients find their path by considering their options and goals and seeing what will work best for them and their lives. Joanna often uses a solution-focused approach to discover what her clients want to happen, help them use their strengths and knowledge, and feel empowered. Joanna uses strategies built through motivational interviewing to create partnerships and elicit and evoke the changes my clients desire for themselves and their families. Joanna’s approach involves profoundly listening to her clients, building rapport, establishing goals for treatment, and evaluating the need for outside services and support. Joanna also employs strategies associated with a cognitive and dialectic behavioral approach when clients seek skills to master their challenges. Joanna’s work is grounded in a social justice, equity, and feminist lens.  

Joanna enjoys spending time with her children, husband, and numerous pets. Joanna can always be found planning her next trip to the coast or bend, or dreaming of her next Disneyland vacation.  Joanna finds joy in crafting, gardening, and playing board games.

Joanna Crawford Portrait Picture