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Pregnancy Issues

​Being pregnant can be really hard. Around 20% of women experience pregnancy anxiety, which is especially common for those who have experienced loss and/or trauma.  We understand the constant checking, the rumination, the worries, the fears.  We will both validate your feelings, and help you find your peace.  We can also help with pregnancy depression, and other pregnancy related issues. 

miscarriage and infant loss
postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Grief and Loss
  • Work-life Balance
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
  • Anxiety
  • Women's Issues


​We know how it feels to have your body fail you, to be able to be successful at so many other things in life, and yet not be able to grow your family the way you would like, the way so many other people are able.  We understand.  We will walk alongside your grief, help manage your stress, explore options and interventions, and hold space for all the different emotions that come with infertility. 

Postpartum Issues

1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression. This can show up as rage, frequent crying, feeling worthless or hopeless, amongst many other symptoms. It's the most common complication from birth, and unfortunately, many providers don't know how to recognize or treat it.  We treat postpartum depression, as well as other postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

While we specialize in and prioritize perinatal clients, we also welcome clients in need of help or counseling for other issues such as:

Early Parenting Adjustment

There are so many changes and challenges that can come during this time period; hormonal and emotional changes, body changes, relationship changes, time and routine changes.  Many women are left questioning their identity and missing aspects of their old life, while also loving their children so much.  We will explore your mixed feelings, help identify your boundaries and needs, and integrate your role as a mother with all the other roles you hold.   

birth trauma

Our Clinical Focus

Perinatal/Maternal Mental Health Group Practice

counseling for mothers
pregnancy anxiety, pregnancy depression
Mental health therapy via telehealth or in-office visits, depending on your comfort and needs
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Birth Trauma

1 in 3 women report their birth was traumatic. Life or death complications, emergency interventions, being a survivor of sexual violence, loss, and NICU are all  experiences can result in birth trauma, but your story doesn't have to fit into these categories to qualify. We can help process your traumatic experience, and should you plan to give birth again, help empower you to find and protect your control.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

​We are a safe space for those that have experienced miscarriage, or losing an infant.  It's incredibly unfair, and heartbreakingly painful. We want to hear your story; it matters and your baby matters. We will help process your loss, find outlets for grief, name your pain,  develop coping mechanisms for triggers, and hold space for both honoring your loss, and living life again.


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