Insurance and fees:

 We are in network and a preferred provider for the following insurance plans:

·         PacificSource
·         Samaritan Health Plans
·         Intercommunity Health Network ​​​
·         First Choice Health Network
·         PacificSource Community Solutions

·         Moda
·         Providence

 Insurance coverage varies greatly depending on type and plan.  We are happy to look up your coverage and give you an estimate of cost, but we can’t guarantee benefit information, and ultimately, you are responsible for knowing and paying your amount.
With insurance, you would pay any required co-pays at the beginning of the session.  You may also be responsible for meeting a deductible amount before your insurance covers counseling, depending on your coverage. We accept cash, check, credit card, and HSA cards.  We are also able to use zelle via our business account.

Out of Network: Many insurances have out of network benefits, and provide some coverage for appointments with licensed clinicians outside of their network. Every insurance company is vastly different and it’s important to clarify out of network coverage before we begin services.  It is up to you to verify out of network coverage.  For out of network billing, you would pay us for your appointment directly, and then we will create and provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for partial reimbursement.  

​Here are some important questions to ask your insurance carrier:
1. Do I have out of network coverage for mental health benefits?
2. What is my deductible amount?
3. What is my reimbursement rate?
4. How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
5. Is there a limitation on how much insurance will pay per session?
6. Is it required that I get approval from my primary care physician?
7. Do you cover telehealth appointments?

 For those that do not have insurance, or prefer not to use insurance, we are able to offer a self-pay discount rate.  Please note, if you ask for a superbill to submit to your insurance, it’s legally no longer considered self-pay, it becomes out of network billing, and we must bill the full fee. We can do a self-pay rate on a HSA card, and we can provide regular receipts for your records.

Scope of Practice:

​We are bound by ethical and professional limits and expectations that protect you as the consumer, and therefore cannot practice outside of our experience, training, or scope of practice.

Some of the issues we do not treat:

Clients that are actively suicidal. Actively suicidal includes having a plan, intent, and means to complete suicide.  If you are experiencing active suicidality, you should access immediate help via 911 or your local emergency room. Many people have passive suicidal ideation, which includes some intrusive thoughts, but a firm resolution not to act on those thoughts. Those with passive suicidal ideation want help and want to feel better.  We will assess passive suicidal ideation by a case by case basis. 

Clients that are court mandated for treatment for domestic violence, anger, sexual violence
Custody determinations
Clients that are experiencing psychosis
Drug and/or alcohol addiction or dependency with less than 3 years of sobriety
Severe disordered eating
Clients who do not want to engage in therapy
Any other issues determined to be outside of our training or scope of practice

We understand how difficult it is to reach out for help.  If we determine that we are not able to serve you, we will provide you with the contact information of a provider who is a better fit.  Everyone deserves excellent support and treatment, and we want you to find the best care for your individual needs. 

Billing Information

A Few More Important Things:

Please know that we understand and are comfortable with all issues related to motherhood.  You are welcome to bring your babe in arms with you to therapy, and we can roll with babies fussing, needing to nurse or bottle-feed, diaper changes, needing to stand and rock while we talk.  We are also used to toddlers or older kids coming into the session via telehealth appointments, and you needing to get them a snack or help turn on a show. It’s also perfectly okay if you’d like to use this time just for you, and have your support system take on childcare so you can just focus on yourself.  The pandemic has impacted mothers especially, and we are happy to just meet you where you are at.


Licensed Clinicians:

Full rate billed to insurance: $225-$220 for all 53-60 minute appointments
Cash pay discount: $175 all appointments 

Clinical Social Worker Associates, Marriage and Family Associates, and Licensed Professional Counselor Associates (therapists that have completed their schooling, but have not yet completed licensing requirements):

Full rate billed to insurance: $225-$220 for all 53-60 minute appointments
Cash pay discount: $125 all appointments 

Sliding scale available upon request

No Surprise Billing